Your Genius Is NOW!

We’ve all got that special something. These life, business, and fitness products are designed to get you thinking, lead you to make changes in your life and career, and to show the world that very important something that each of you has - your Genius…

Sell Like a Cockatoo


Learn from a Master Salesman named Hank, the secrets to sales success that you won’t find anywhere else.


6 Easy Steps To Find And Achieve Your FIRE

Experience a world where action and achievement are the norm! Learn today how to implement Gail’s proprietary Systematic Attitude Development-Technique™️ (SAD-T™️)


Goal Setting, Motivation and Time Management

Likeable You! 2nd Edition

7 Strategies to Make More Friends and Develop Powerful Business Connections

Make a Decision to Win!

A remarkable system to help you achieve an extraordinary life!

Take Control of Your Life in Challenging Times

Getting Logical Versus Emotion To Accomplish Your Goals


The One Thing that Can Cause You to Fail the Interview EVERYTIME!

Do you know it?

How to be the First and Only One in the Door For an Interview.

Lucky13: The 13 Must Do's To Increase Your Odds of
Getting A Second Interview: The Checklist

General Life

40 and Fabulous: How to Stay Fit From your Twenties

Kids: Finding Balance Between Kids and Life

Beating a Food Addiction: How to Feel Good About Yourself And Your Life

Online Dating: Finding & Catching The One


The 5 Critical Steps to Book An Appointment
with a High Level Decision Maker

Prospecting Success! For the Security Industry

General Business

Managing Your Bad Boss:
The Micromanager, Idea-Stealer, Yeller and Bully

Defining Your Brand and Creating A Powerful Online Presence

Fitness Product

Selfie Fitness Challenge: Full-Body

Workout System, Available On Amazon


Apollo and Winslow
Before Winslow

Apollo and Winslow
A New Addition to the Family