Keeping Se​crets
Is Our Game…

We recognize that everything about you is proprietary. That’s something we won’t compromise.

“​Backed By National Media, Gail W​ill Inspire You…

Gail has reached millions of people through hundreds of national television, digital, and print media outlets, sharing her time-tested strategies with audiences all over the world.

There’s no limit to what you can do - Gail is living proof of that. As the Face of Philadelphia and host of PhillyVision, and their franchises, Gail has greeted over 40 million people as they pass through Philadelphia International Airport and the city’s many hotels. She was also the Host of her own late-night show, Raw Reality, which she developed from concept to broadcast.

Reap The Rewards Of Being Challenged At The Highest Level…

Using her time-tested Systematic Attitude Development-Technique™ (SAD-T™) and her “value-driven” proprietary processes, Gail’s speaking and training programs will push you and your team to take the risks necessary to become more than you ever imagined.

"Push the envelope. Know that it's okay to feel stupid when you're pursuing a goal - You're about to make a BREAKTHROUGH!" -Gail Kasper

Your Goals Are Timeless…

Gail was a Season 4 Semi-Finalist for The Apprentice.

Your Genius
Is Now…

Gail is a Certified Fitness Trainer and 2010 Top-5 National Finalist for the
Wilhelmina-Shape Magazine Hot Body Competition.

Let’s Show Them What You’ve Got…

Former Ms. Continental America and winner of multiple Fitness Awards, G​​ail was chosen by the ABI International Board of Review as a “Woman of the Year.”

Join Us In Making A Difference In The World…

Gail has dedicated thousands of hours and resources to organizations and causes close to her heart including working with high school students, military families and our Troops.

A life-long animal lover, Gail founded Pawtographs, a 501(c)(3) under the United Charitable organization, in 2008 to champion animal advocacy and create awareness for animal rescue and welfare efforts. No matter how you invest in you, Pawtographs, a 501(c)(3) under United Charitable, will support animal rescue and welfare efforts across the country.


100 Springdale Road, Suite A3, PMB311
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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