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Gail Kasper University  offers various ROI training programs to help support brand growth and development. Training programs may be contracted for a 1/2 day, full day, or over several months and may include a wide range of full-development topics. Gail Kasper training programs are highly customized. With regard to our sales training, we will not only write a sales program for your sales staff, specific to the company and products, but can provide you with a train the trainer opportunity to license the IP.


The University was grown, grass roots, starting with one sales coaching client which led to two coaching opportunities, and then eventually training entire departments, and ultimately multi-billion dollar companies. Topics include Sales, Prospecting, Public Speaking, Communications, and Leadership. The Gail Kasper Television business has been built from referrals with many clients using Gail Kasper services for years . Without fail, Gail has changed people at their core, stretching them to achieve personal and professional excellence beyond what they thought possible.


Determined to make a difference in people's lives, the Gail Kasper programs have been created through a combination of educational programs, personal and professional experiences, multiple training certifications, and classroom trends. They are continually being reinvented so that they are current and progressive.  

The University training programs are designed to increase skill sets, and deliver a ROI. The company's successes lie in elevating standards of delivery, strengthening a person or company's value proposition, whether you are a sales representative, front line employee or manager, and providing step-by-step processes that increase efficiencies and introduce new Standard Operating Procedures.


All University programs include the Systematic Attitude Development-Technique™, Gail's proprietary system to increase results through logic-based action and are highly customized, designed and authored by Gail.


We encourage you to review the DEMOS below and PLEASE contact us with any questions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As a Coach and Consultant, Gail also WRITES SPEECHES for Executives, Sales Teams, Investor opportunities, and Personal Life Situations.



Professional Speaker Highlights


Professional Speaking Demo
Gail's speaking demo provides an overview of her many speaking engagements and topics.


C Level Sales Speech


Customized Speech Designed By Gail To Sell 2000 Attendees
Gail Kasper was hired by Match Eyewear to sell their brand. She had 6 minutes to make her points and encourage attendees to visit the Match Eyewear team at the conference. Match exceeded their sales goals that year!


  • The New Sales - Using Social & Digital Media To Connect With People Before They Ever Meet You: This program has multiple focal points: 1) The critical element of the sales process - IMMEDIATE RAPPORT; 2) How video has changed the world and how the various generations respond to it; 3) How to increase sales through video marketing and a soft sell approach; 4) How to capitalize on body language, voice and words; 5) Why you can’t afford to miss out on the digital technology wave - it will impact your revenues and market share; 6) The future of Social Media and Digital Media. 

  • Creating Monthly Video Content That Will Engage Social Media Followers And Generate Thousands Of Vides To Attract More Customers And Outshine Your Competition: Learn 1) The 5+ topic ideas that will create powerful content; 2) The 4-step process to an effective script; The 3 ways to motivate employees to participate in company videos; 3) The most effective way to capitalize on technical equipment and personnel; and 5) A 4-step process to market your videos on social media to increase engagement. 

  • Sales: Prospecting - Whether you are striving to have sales representatives increase their Cold Calling, Referrals, or Alliance building skills or need sales representatives to improve The Sales Process , whether Negotiation and Closing skills or Rapport and Uncovering Needs, Gail will write a customized SALES TRAINING PROGRAM specific to your company value proposition as well as the product offerings. (After the writing and training phrase, programs are available for licensing, including train-the-trainer follow-up sessions.)

  • Public Speaking and Communication Skills - Public Speaking programs may be for Senior Executives; including One-on-One Coaching and Teleprompter, Sales Representatives who must present to a group; and Communications, Public Speaking, and Confidence building for front and mid-level employees. Gail Kasper University programs build teams and strengthen confidence and skill sets. (Gail is also available to write customized speeches for ANY industry, product, or individual. Some of her writing and training successes include the following industries: Television, Steel Manufacturing, Security, Eyewear, Healthcare, and Sports. Without fail, Gail has produced rave reviews.)

  • Leadership - The Gail Kasper University Leadership program is all about Pervasive Leadership, a place where Progressive meets Inclusive Leadership. Topics covered include conflict resolution, team building, interviewing techniques that weed out the qualified from the non-qualified, assertiveness, delegation, accountability, and role modeling. Whether Corporate, Sports, or Entertainment, Gail offers 1/2 day to 6-Week Leadership Progressive Leadership Training.

  • Public Seminars Available: Hosting (How to Host A Television Show, Reality Show / Game Show Hosting, Teleprompter Training, Building A Brand To Outshine The Competition).

  • Business Etiquette - Years ago, it was telephone etiquette, but today, it's all about Email etiquette and what's acceptable. This program reinforces the importance of the 7% of our communication, our words, and teaches participates how to create positive communication through the written word. It also provides business etiquette - travel, dining, dress, and gifts - tips appropriate in various countries.

  • Health and Wellness - Our country is overweight. More than ever, we are focused on healthy eating and living. Gail Kasper University health and wellness program gives participants the tips they need to eat healthier, exercise effectively, while setting goals in the process.




Client Comments About Gail And Her Works...


"It's been a month since you have spoken to my team of managers, and I am thrilled with the impact of your session. The managers have told me that they see how obstacles hindering their performance were a result of their way of thinking, and that they had a direct influence in removing those barriers. Overall, I have seen a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm in setting higher goals and work standards, and more importantly taking action. I continue to see the influence that you have imparted."

–Dave Thomas, Regional Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company



"Gail's sales systems not only helped us recoup a $30 million dollar client loss, but increase our revenues over and above by 8% in the same year."

–Phil Turnage, CEO Alter Ego Eyewear



"Gail has such an engaging purposeful delivery style and the content was full of practical user-friendly advice and guidance. It was an incredibly valuable evening. Thank you."

Terry Hawkins, 2014 Top 60 Motivational Speakers in the World list (Top 10 Women)



"The community you created in our Hosting class in a matter of hours - a group of strangers - is a skill and talent all too often overlooked. I am honored to have been in the class and benefited from the experience. There wasn't one person in the room today who did not leave with enhanced confidence and an uplifted self-esteem."

Truly, Akello Stone



"Gail's proven expertise, experience, and ability to analyze and understand situations in her capacity as a successful professional speaker, make her a perfect fit with Success's mission and goals. Our readers will be able to relate to Gail and appreciate her ability to effectively share her proven strategies for success."

Gay Bryant, Editor in Chief, Success Magazine


"I have consulted with Gail on many occasions regarding both personal and professional matters on every topic from communication and employee behavior to management and leadership techniques. She is, without a doubt, Ask Gail! Gail has a keen ability to read a situation and get to the core issue. Her responses have always been dead on!”

Ed Kardon, General Manager, Cherry Hill Nissan



"Gail's brand coaching gave my acting career a whole new direction as a host. Gail has a rare skill to see your strength and take it to a place that makes YOU unique..."

–Actor and Host, Pat Skinner, Coaching Client



"I have wanted to be in the entertainment industry my whole life and had been working in the movie "extra" circle for a long time - while taking classes. I learned more in 3 hours of working with Gail than I did in a year of taking other classes and working on sets. After 7 months of working with Gail, my life is on an upward spiral of everything I could have imagined and wanted for me and my dual brand. Gail has provided me with the tools I need to build a successful business and, in conjunction, elevate my Hosting career, while giving me the courage, guidance, and motivation, to keep going on my journey."

Host Heathyr Frances, Coaching Client



"Gail has always had that 'something' special that not only encourages growth and inspires achievement, but reaches people in a way as they have never been reached before."

Oliver Jordan, Director, Human Resources, Pennsylvania Convention Center



"Gail's training is progressive, aggressive, and fabulous her enthusiasm is mind-blowing it makes you want to be better."

Ed Kardon, General Manager, Cherry Hill Nissan



"The seminar was fantastic! It was the best all-day seminar we have had. I will certainly recommend it to colleagues as well as others to improve their work teams."

-Mark Stuart, Assistant Dean, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine



“Amazing! I felt as though you were a part of out company, and really did your homework about our industry. Nothing was repetitive. Everything was eye opening, motivating and helped me to think out of the box. I enjoyed the whole day. Thank you!”

Sarah, Viva International Group



"Implementing what I got from Gail's seminar has not only increased the number of appointments I make, but better yet, it has increased the size of my orders. I find I am selling MORE frames per order."

Heidi J., Sales Representative, Tura Eyewear



I have to say that your workshop was one of the highlights of my Viva career. In the short tie you were there, I learned more about how to sell than I have in my 6 years with Viva. Thank you for all of your help!

Gary, Viva International Group



"It was informative, fun and upbeat. Gail made me want more!"

Comedian and Student, Chase A.


"I've spent 20 years behind the camera so it was a new experience to dissect on camera techniques. I love the way Gail broke down the mechanics. What a great way to spend my precious Saturday morning. Gail's enthusiasm is infectious.

–Host and Student, Teniel M.


"I loved all of it! You are amazing!

–Host and Student, Nadia N.


"Thank you! You are a wonderful coach and SUPER TALENTED!"

–Host and Student, Mindy M.


"Your session helped me in so many ways. Your advice and words of wisdom about life, and the energy you bring to everything inspired me."

–Host and Student, Lorraine W.



I have been in outside sales for over 15 years, worked for 3 fortune five hundred companies and have attended many sales training classes. However, the training I received during my time in your program was head and shoulders above the rest!..I set a personal best in total systems sold for the month of April!....measurable success!

Kevin L. Grube, Sales Consultant


As a sales representative with 17 years of industry experience, 6 of those being in sales, I was confident that my skills were solid and that any improvement would only come with time and experience. Your course proved me wrong.

Andy Reedman, Falck Integrated Security Systems



"Excellent program! Many of the techniques you discussed were exactly what I have been trying to put my finger on a more structured, more quantifiable sales process for this industry and business. I feel like have now got a good grasp of how to put together my entire sales blueprint."

Dan Kanabroski, New Business Development, Brantley Services, Cincinnati, Ohio



"This was an excellent course for both the novice and the "seasoned pro."

Aaron Zebrook, Sales Manager, B-Safe Electronic Protective Systems



"The program was a GREAT success. I would recommend it to anyone. All the people at ADT who got to know Gail are the better for it."

Earl Kirk, Sales Manager, ADT Canada



"It warms my heart as a sales manager to see how prospecting has become a major part of each representative's routine. The numbers have reflected that change."

Barry Ginsburg, Sales Manager, ADT, Fort Washington, PA


"Gail's program is second to none and has proven results."

Mike Wood, Regional Sales Manager, ADT


"Vector Security has relied upon Gail Kasper to provide outstanding levels of sales, customer service and management development training for 10 years. As a Delaware Valley based electronic security company with five divisions, nationwide offices and operations, Vector Security has risen to a position of recognized excellence within our industry; and Gail has had a hand in making that possible for us.”

John Murphy, President, Vector Security, Inc