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Gail Kasper
Hosting Demo

Gail Kasper Hosting Demo

Gail Modeling
Nicole Miller

Gail Modeling Nicole Miller

Gail and Friends
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Gail doing Hip Hop

Gail's Fitness Tips
Rock Solid Life

Gail's Fitness Tips, Rock Solid Life

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Gail is a producer, writer, and talent featured on every media platform - television, film, digital and print. An in-demand media personality and the Face of Philadelphia, Gail is the Host  of the Philadelphia Visitors Channel franchises, viewed by over 40 million people every year, the former Host/Actress of her own late-night show, Raw Reality, which she took from concept to broadcast, and has appeared on FOX Business News, NBC, and CBS on national programs such as The Today Show, Inside Edition, Happy Hour, and Oprah and friends. She has even been the topic of discussion on Regis & Kelly. Her national print features include the New York Daily News, the Washington Post, SDM Magazine, American Fitness, Shape Magazine, and Right On Magazine. A business development expert, Gail has written and produced various digital products on life, business, and fitness, available on iTunes and Amazon.



Comedy Sketches That Poke Fun - Character Actress, Writer, and Producer

Celebrating The Little
Successes At Work

Celebrating The Little Successes At Work

In the Temper Tantrums episode, Gail gets tired of the whining and enrolls people at work to get excited over the little things. (This is the video that needs the introduction from me on set; I believe it was Show 13)


Identity Donation

You've heard of Blood Donation, but how about Identity Donation? It's time to meet Grady!

Air Freshener

DaBreeze Air Freshener

We've all seen the air freshener commercials. If you think it's so funny how the terrible stink is always eliminated, you're going to love this!

Touch Tone

Touch Tone Stupidity

We've all done something STUPID, but Monique has no tolerance for this.

A Bad Customer

A Bad Customer Situation

We've all been unreasonable at one time or another. Check out what Candi does when she meets Clyde.





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